Clay Face Mask

Clay Face Mask

White Clay & Lavender –

White clay is a good option for all skin types, it gently draws out build-up from under the skin. Lavender essential oil is said to reduce redness, help with acne and keep wrinkles at bay. Blue poppy seeds are a power house of antioxidants and essential nutrients, we have added them to our mask for a little extra boost and to help exfoliate the skin whilst rinsing the mask.


Activated Charcoal -
This mask is completely scent free.

Activated Charcoal has great benefits for your skin, it is said to have the ability to absorb deep impurities from your skin. It can help to cleanse your skin, unblock your pores, and remove dead skin cells. Pumice powder is an amazing natural exfoliant for your skin, it is good for both cleansing and polishing your skin, be sure to rub the mask whilst rinsing to get the full effect of the pumice powder.


Directions for use -
Mix the powder with equal amounts of you choice of liquid liquid, I use water but you can use rose water, yoghurt or honey, apply to the face avoiding the eye area, leave the mask for up to 5 minutes, if the mask is too dry redness can occur. When rinsing the mask make sure you rub in circles, to get the full effect of our extra added exfoliate ingredients.

These masks come in 30g glass jars and can make 6-8 masks. Small sample masks are also available.

  • Ingredients

    White Clay & Lavender -

    Kaolin, Papaver Somniferum Seed (Blue Poppy Seed), Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender Oil), Linalool*

    *allergens which naturally occur in essential oils.

    Charcoal Face Mask & Scrub - 

    Kaolin, Charcoal powder, Pumice (Fine Pumice Powder), Fragrance Free